Geo & environmental site investigations

We offer Environmental Site Investigations to support developers undertaking all types and scales of development. We have extensive experience and strive to ensure that our services offer the best value on the market.

An environmental site investigation may be required for a variety of reasons including:

  • To satisfy Planning conditions – you may be redeveloping a brownfield site and need to carry out an assessment of land contamination risks in order to discharge planning conditions
  • To undertake Environmental Due Diligence – you may be purchasing a site and need to satisfy lenders that it is not contaminated
  • To comply with the Environmental Damage Regulations – You may be a site owner and want to establish the baseline condition of your site.

What does an environmental site investigation involve?

A site investigation typically involves drilling boreholes across the site and taking soil samples from various depths which are then sent to a laboratory for chemical analysis. We can employ a variety drilling methods depending on access restrictions, ground conditions at the site and your requirements. In addition to soil sampling we can, where necessary, undertake monitoring of ground gases and vapours and groundwater.


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