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Dando Terrier Tracked Percussion Rig

Applications, percussive sampling, standard penetration tests and dynamic probing.

The Dando Terrier is a compact, tracked drilling rig powered by hydraulics. It is easily transported to site in a van and is ready to drill within minutes of arrival.

The rig is highly manoverable and can track up slopes or pass through standard doorways and work close against walls or obstructions.

This makes the Terrier ideal for environment sensitive sites and sites with limited access.

If it is necessary to break through hard surfaces, ie. concrete, the Terrier has a rotary attachment for concrete coring.

Sampling of soil is achieved by a percussive method. The drop weight drives the rods or sample tubes into the ground. A seven-tonne integral hydraulic jack extracts the sample tubes from the ground.

All samples and probing information are logged, recorded and presented daily and packaged at the end of the contract.

Dando 150 Cable Percussion Rig

We operate a Dando 150 Cable Percussive Drilling Rig (shell and auger)

This system of drilling can produce boreholes between 150mm and 450mm in diamter to depths of 60m and is used for drilling lined water wells or the retrieval of undisturbed soil sampling and testing of ground conditions.

The Method:

The borehole is formed by freefalling weighted steel cylindrical tools via a manual clutch operated free-fall winch. Either clay cutters or bailing tools are used or a chiselling tool to break through hard ground or obstructions. Steel casings are lowered into the ground to support unstable ground conditions. The material recovered is used for soil analysis and testing.

The rig is equipped with various sampling equipment, ie. sliding hammers for U100 (U4) sampling and trip hammer for 'SPT' sampling.

Boreholes are used for water retrieval, gas and ground water monitoring or geotechnical testing.

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