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Domestic water wells

waterwellBorehole Surveys Ltd install domestic water wells using our Dando 2000 cable percussive drilling rig, we have the capacity to drill to depths of 60m into the natural water table aquifer.

Since 2003 a private water supply is allowed to pump up to 20,000 litres of water per day without a licence.

The water can be used for many purposes, ie irrigation, live stock , domestic supply. If drinking water is required then we can have the water analysed by a laboratory and introduce filter systems to bring it up to potable standards.

The cost of a borehole depends on ease of access, depth and geological conditions. On initial enquiry we would carry out a desk top study of the area and ground conditions enabling us to give you an accurate price without any hidden extra costs. The quote is free of charge and carries no obligation

We install a polyurethane lined well and a grundfos stainless steel submersible pump to depth ( two year guarantee), including electrics and 32mm mdpe pipe, all topped of at the surface within a manhole chamber. We can trench the 32mm mdpe water pipe to the property or use of your choice.

Water Guarantee
We will employ our equipment, skill and experience to make the water well borehole a success, but we cannot be held responsible for finding water which does not exist. We undertake to do the work contained in our quotation, for which we must be paid whether water of adequate quantity or quality has been discovered or not. We will only attempt to drill a borehole with a 95% chance of success.

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